Tuesday, May 28, 2019


A New York teen sued Apple for $1billion claiming the company’s facial recognition led to mistaken identity.

He (Ousmane Bah) claimed his life was made miserable because Apple facial recognition software falsely linked him to recent theft in Apple store.
He was arrested at his home in New York by some police officers, 4 am on November 29 and was charged with theft.

The truth is that he was falsely accused; he didn't steal anything.
 He claimed that someone stole his driver’s permit which didn't have a picture of him. He claimed that the real thief might have used the permit as an identification when they were caught stealing over $1,200 worth of Apple products, which mostly includes Apple pencils.

During further investigations a detective noticed something strange in the security footage from an Apple store, the detective realized that the person in the footage did not resemble Bah.
Bah claimed that he had never been to Boston and on the day of the alleged theft he was at his senior prom in New York City.
The NYPD detective told Bah that Apple security uses facial recognition technology which took a photo of the thief and Apple security wrongly attach it to Bah’s personal information in a security system. So when other alleged thefts were committed by the thief, Apple security will falsely determine Bah to be the alleged criminal.
Bah's lawsuit against Apple claims that this wrongful arrest  affected His college education because he was supposed to take a midterm exam on the day he was arrested. Bah due to his necessary travels to different states to respond to charges against him he had missed multiple attendance in school.

Considering all the hard time Bah had faced and some sort of embarrassments he might have faced don't you think $1billion is too much for this young lad to charge a big company like Apple?
I'm sure Apple isn't going to settle him for that kind of amount and may consider settling him with a smaller amount like $200k…
Apple might even want to deny the accusations of doing harm to him because the video footage and the driver’s license which was discovered were forwarded to the police for investigation.
From my point of view I think it’s the police fault for improper investigation of the footage and the driver’s license to know that the information on the driver’s license and the image on the footage do not tally.

That is just what I thought about it let me know yours in the comment section below.

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