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Apple has never been a fan of large file downloads over cellular data, the reason behind Apple’s download limit is that it stops users from accidentally consuming up all of their data allowance.
The last time Apple increased the download limit over cellular was in 2017, when the download limit was raised from 100MB to 150MB. The change came with the arrival of iOS 11 , which also introduced a redesigned App Store.

The 150MB limit was introduced following the iOS 11 release in September 2017. Before that, the maximum size of an iOS app or app update that you could download over 3G or 4G cellular networks was capped at 100MB.

This 150MB download limit pissed lots of users off because the Android has no such caps in place so users are free to spend their whole monthly data downloading large apps if they wish to do so. On iOS, you could never do that due to the download limit, which made sense in the early iPhone days when the whole mobile thing was new to people.

So do you want to download a large file and searching for a way to bypass the download limit?
Not to worry, we got you covered
I hope your device is with you….Just kidding, I know you are using it to surf right now lol…
Step 1: Make sure that you are not connected to a Wi-Fi Network.
Step 2: Locate the application exceeds the 150MB which you want to download from the App Store.
Step 3: Select the Get option to download the app. The App Store will attempt to download the app but will pop-up an alert saying that the app download size exceeds the maximum 150MB limit on cellular data.
 Step 4: Dismiss this alert
Step 5:  You will notice that there is still the “Waiting” notice on the icon on the Home screen.
Step 6: Head into Settings and select General > Date & Time. Turn off Set Automatically.
Step 7: Now, manually set the date a few years into the future. For example, set it to today’s date but in the year 2029.
Last step: Once the App Store dialogue pops up asking you to Retry the download, select that option and you will now notice that the application downloads over a cellular data connection.
Works like magic right?

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