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9Mobile Daily data plans with subscription codes
10MB data plan for 50 Naira only valid for 24 hours, subscription code is *229*3*8#.
40MB for 100 Naira valid for 24 hours, to subscribe, dial *229*3*1#.
9mobile offes 2GB data for the evening (7pm–7am) and 24 hours weekend browsing at 1,000 Naira only valid for 30 days from purchase, to subscribe, dial *229*3*12#.
9mobile also offers a 1GB data plan for N1,000 valid for 30 days (24/7), to subscribe, dial *229*2*7#.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Monthly Data Plans

9mobile provides a 500MB data plan valid for 1month, available all day for 500 Naira, dial *229*2*12# to subscribe.
9mobile also offers a1GB weekend data plan for 500 Naira valid from 11:59pm Friday tp 11:59pm Sunday.
9mobile offers 1.5GB of data for 1,200 Naira valid for 30 days. To subscribe, dial *229*2*25# or text “AND11” to 229.
9mobile 4GB data bundle costs 3,000 Naira and is valid for 30 days. Subscription code is *229*2*35#.
9mobile offers 11.5GB data for 8,000 Naira valid for 30 days with a subscription code of *229*2*5#.
9mobile offers 15GB and 27.5GB data plans valid for 30 days, available all day at 10,000 Naira and 18,000 Naira respectively with subscription codes of *229*4*1# and *229*4*3# respectively
9Mobile 200 Naira Data Plan
9mobile offers 200 Naira data plan for 150MB valid for 7 days, dial *229*2*10# to subscribe.

9Mobile Night Data Plan
9mobile offers a 1GB night only data plan for 200 Naira valid for 1 day from 12 am to 5 am, to subscribe dial *229*3*11#.

Other 9Mobile data plans
9mobile offer a 90-day plan of 30GB for 27,500 Naira, the subscription code is *229*5*1#
9mobile offer a 4-month plan of 60GB at 55,000 Naira, the code for subscribing is *229*5*2#.
They also offer a 100GB data plan for 65,000 Naira valid for one month, the code is *229*4*5#.
The largest data plan offered by 9mobile is the 1-year plan for 120GB costing 110,000 Naira, the subscription code is *229*5*3#.

9Mobile Data Plan Balance
9mobile data plan balance can be checked using *228# or by texting ‘Bal’ to 228.

9mobile data plans all have the auto-renewal feature so you have to manually disable it to avoid getting subscribed automatically after it expires or finishes, to disable auto-renewal, dial *229*0# or text “STOP” to 229.

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