Monday, June 03, 2019


Apple is thought to be winding down its iTunes music programme as the company looks to rebrand its entertainment services.

The Facebook page for iTunes, which has served as Apple's entertainment service for 18 years, has been removed and also wiped of all contents which includes photographs, videos and posts , with the content all moved to the company's Apple TV page.
Same also happened to the iTunes Instagram account which also had all its content deleted.
The iTunes Twitter account hasn't been updated in nearly a week as of writing, and all posts on iTunes.

Why is this happening?

Reports getting to us says; Apple is planning to replace iTunes with Apple Music , while other content would be moved to Apple's other platforms, such as Apple TV Plus.

So what do we expect?
Apple's  developer conference WWWDC holds today on June 3, and we're expecting Apple to announce its new software and hardware upgrades like iOS 13 , MacOS 10.15 , WatchOS 6 and more.

 Stay tuned to find out about more from Apple.

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