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How To Get A Job On Linkedin IN 2019

Updated 2019: How to get a job on LinkedIn

Tired of roaming around the streets of Lagos searching for a 9-5 job all to no avail?
The shortcut to your dream job might just be what you are holding now.
What's that?
Your Smartphone.

Do you know that you can easily get your dream job on LinkedIn.

What's LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps.
LinkedIn was founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003. It is mainly used for professional networking , including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.
LinkedIn is a platform where hundreds of employers are looking for prime candidates every day. It is also a great way of connecting with leading figures in your chosen industry, but you can also use it to show your achievements and build up a professional online presence or even, boost your own business on there.
The key to getting a job on LinkedIn is to make sure you're 'discoverable' to employers and agencies.
Making your profile discoverable on linked requires a lot of work and effort.
I will be sharing with you three important steps to take to make yourself discoverable..
These steps include:

The first step of course, is to create your LinkedIn profile.
You can change and update your profile as often as you need to. The more changes and additions you make, the more your profile appears ACTIVE to the system, which in turn increases your chances of being seen by potential employers as you know that no employer will want to sign an inactive employee.

What do I mean by a perfect profile picture?
According to me, a perfect profile picture is one which is clear and completely shows the real you. For ladies I will advice not to wear too much make up which may make you different from the real you when an employer calls to meet you for an interview. I also recommend using a digital camera take the picture since its far better than most of the mobile camera we have around.
You must also make sure your LinkedIn profile picture is up-to-date (mustn’t be more than two years) and also reflects how you look on a daily basis.
Make sure your face makes at least 75% of the picture and keep the Background simple.
It’s very important that your face takes up most of the picture and not a flashy background cause it’s not the background your potential employer needs but you. One advantage of a flashy background is that it can cause distraction. So don’t be the type that takes a picture in a place with flashy background and make the background take more of the picture. Even if you take a picture like this and want to use it you should try to crop the picture from the top of your shoulders to just above your head so that your face fills the frame and shows off that pretty smile.
And lastly, choose the right expression.
As a Job seeker, you want to appear warm and attracting. You don’t have to be too serious taking the picture. The beat way is to make a sharp smile and keep it simple. Don’t over do it cause smiling too much is another thing which is referred to as laughing and you are not to laugh because laughing in your DP might make you appear unserious to your potential employers.
Use the summary box to showcase your achievements , aspirations or present an elevator pitch – why you make a great employee, a process you've improved, or why you just downright rock.
You've only got around 100 words to express yourself, so make it count.
Avoid irrelevant stuffs like your story, hobbies, or the part-time work you do.
Last year I met a guy on LinkedIn, his profile was kind of poor because he was adding irrelevant stuffs like the part-time work he does and his short story about how he was unable to get a job. Then I contacted him and asked him why he added something like that to his profile, he told me that it would make him look more serious and pitiable.
I laughed, and then I explained to him that employers out there are not willing to employ people out of pity because they also run an organization where they pay staffs. I told him to edit his profile and also add relevant stuffs like his past work experience, goal for his potential employers and the impact he will make if he was employed.
This year he called me to tell me that he got a job.
Simple Right?
In summary, all I’m saying is that you go to the point and make your headlines direct and clear. Vague statements don’t bring clicks. You’ve got around 8 words to make an impact, so don’t waste them.
IMPORTANT TIP TO NOTE: Make sure you comb through your profile for typos, goofs and bungled links, because any slight mistakes in this area will reflect pretty badly on you to potential future employers.

This is the most important thing on your profile because this describes who you are, what you are capable of doing and what you have to offer.
What do I mean?
The headline is the first thing any potential employer will see, so make sure it stands out and shows that you have something good to offer.
And don’t forget to add in Emotion
Emotion gets more clicks than anything else on social media, so express the emotion you feel about the article in the title to pull in more readers.

LinkedIn job-search enables you to find and leverage professional opportunities in many unique ways.
An example is that you can use it to subscribe to job alerts, and to also keep an eye on status updates to follow new listings before they're advertised.
Follow prompts to list your work experience, any courses you've taken voluntary work and exam results.
You don't have to add all of them, just pick and choose the ones that add value to your profile, that you're proud of, or that you'd like to show up in searches. Also use the Media section to link to your works in progress or achievements.

Follow companies you'd like to work with so you're first to know about any job opportunities.
Join and contribute to the groups related to your industry. Get job alerts, status updates, infos which will help you know more about how your sector works from the inside out.
Once you've joined a few key groups, you can message other group members to introduce yourself or your services.

LinkedIn interview prep is a great software to use while preparing for interview.
It provides various interviews questions and answers which are mostly being used in your industry.
you can also find out about who will be interviewing you and look them up on LinkedIn. Look at their career path, their specific interests and any current projects they're working on.
You'll also get a great insight into the company by looking at their blog, and you'll be able to track industry developments that you can discuss in the interview.

LinkedIn is a better option which I recommended for all graduates roaming around the streets all in the name of searching for a 9-5 job while the shortcut to your dream job is in your hands.
let’s stop the troubles of roaming about in the sun and create the habit of showcasing our talent. my No.1 recommendation is to look for something you are good at and place it on linkedIn or othe social media platforms so we can get called for opportunity=ties and stop the habit of looking for companies to hire us.

I hope it helps……………

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