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Questions I've been receiving about Huawei now is what is Huawei new OS? When is it going to be launched? How does it look like?

A straight answer to these questions is that I can't really say because Huawei is still working on it.
But now it seems its going to get launched earlier than we all thought because there is a major update about Huawei new OS.

Huawei are trying to get their OS ready before the 90-days given to them by the US government is over.
Huawei isn't backing of from being a major contender in the smartphone industry neither are they shaken by their ban from the Android platform because now the want to step up their game with their so called Huawei new OS which is known as Hungmeng OS in China and to be called ARK OS in other countries.

Huawei has officially registered its trademark for its Hongmeng OS in China.
The Chinese tech giant has successfully registered its own OS the Hungmeng OS which is to be simply called or known as the ARK OS in Europe and other countries.

This was done last week when Huawei officials successfully registered a trademark Huawei ARK OS at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) which perfectly matches the Chinese tech Company naming lineup of Huawei ARK compiler which is the company self developed application complier and system performance booster.

The trademark application has thesame categories as the previous trademark information which are;

  • Complier software; operating system for electronic devices.

  • Design and development of  compiler software and operating system for election devices and development of mobile phones applications featuring complier software.

Reports getting to Haychsblog says that Huawei new OS will be launched in  two different versions of it's operating system, one for the domestic market (China market) later this  year and the other which will be the global version in early 2020

Click here for more about the Huawei new OS (Hungmeng OS)

We will keep updating you as we get more information about the Huawei new OS.

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