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Is your phone battery draining faster than normal? You're not the only one experiencing this because most people using Smartphones do experience battery draining faster than normal. So today I will be telling you three most common reasons why your battery drains faster than normal.

 Most people is a culprit in this including me also. We do increase the screen brightness so we could see the phone clearly, but I do this mostly at night. I do notice a strange behavior on my iPhone 6s anytime I use the 100% screen brightness, what's this behavior?
 I do notice that my iPhone will just start heating up unnecessarily and when this happens I notice my battery draining faster than normal.
 So I performed a battery life test for two days.
On the first day I used the 100% brightness and then I timed it, with my timing I notice the battery lasted for 2.5 hours.
 The next day I decreased the brightness to 30% and the battery lasted for and 6 hours. Wow it lasts 2 times longer than when I used the 100% brightness.
 So in conclusion, I will advice you limit your screen brightness to 60% to help make the battery last longer.


 Heat? Lol.
 I smiled because I think its impossible for a smartphone to be active without heating up. Heat is one of the major factors that decreases a battery life. This mostly happens to the mobile gamers and the social media lovers, where most people spend too much time chatting, looking at pictures, watching videos etc..
 Some even do it to the extent that they keep the mobile data on always without putting it of after use, and why is this? They don't want to miss the latest gists or the last messages being sent, so the keep mobile data or WiFi on always.
 Keeping either of these two on is a major reason why the phone battery drains faster than normal, it will keep the battery heating up and this can damage the battery life. I'll advise you keep your WiFi or mobile data off after use so it could increase the battery life to make it last longer.


 When you get a new Smartphone, you do get a lot of people advising you not to ever let the phone get below 30% before recharging it. Lol…ive also done this before but now let me explain the science behind charging your phone.
 When we first plug it in, we start what's actually the first stage of charging. Constant current charging is, as the name suggests, a constant flow of what we'll call battery juice, back into your phone until it's at about 70 percent.
 After that, your charger changes over to something called constant voltage charging. For this remaining 30 percent, the charger balances the voltage that's going into the phone with what's already there …so as the battery fills, the current slows down.
By the time it's at 100 percent, the only charge that's going into the phone is a tiny trickle that's the same percentage as whatever the battery is losing. That means a couple of things, and one of the big things is that you can't overcharge your phone. It also means that you don't have to worry about overloading your battery.
That's good, because it's been found that little trickle of battery juice is actually better for your battery than a 0 to 100 percent recharge. Regularly doing a 100% charge can degrade your battery up to 70 percent in just 300 charge cycles (the average lifespan is between 500 and 1,500 charges). So in conclusion do not overcharge your phone battery all in the name of making it last longer during usage.

Hope this article was helpful?

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