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As we all know that lots of Smartphone companies are going extreme to creating a 100% full screen display on mobile phones like Samsung on-screen notch hole camera in the A90, Apple iPhone X notch, Vivo and OnePlus 7pro Pop-up camera.
But now, The top 2 Chinese Smartphone makers, OPPO and Xiaomi has beat Samsung to be the first to reveal their Smartphone with an under display camera technology.
Xiaomi has 'fired back' to Oppo by releasing a video of its own, more advanced looking, under display camera technology hours after Oppo tweeted a video of its own under display camera.

According to TECHRADAR, Xiaomi's video contains a user scrolling through a phone that looks like the Xiaomi Mi 9 in one hand and a similar device with no visible front-facing camera in the other. Then the user puts down the Mi 9, turns on the camera app on the other phone and flips the camera option to show there is in fact a selfie camera.
Oppo's video is rather similar, however it doesn't show the handset working as a normal phone, instead only displaying the under display camera tech.
How does Xiaomi under-display camera work?
When taking a selfie, the area of the display above the front camera turns transparent, allowing the light to pass to the sensor.
The area of the display has “low reflection and high permeability” to make sure that bright light falling upon the display does not hinder the formation of the image on the sensor.
Xiaomi notes that this display technology is their “independent intellectual property,” hinting that their display technology could be different from the one exhibited by OPPO.
Besides acting as a display, the area of the screen above the selfie camera sensor also acts as a lens.
The infographic also confirms that the technology for the display will be AMOLED and also that the switching of the display does not make any sound.

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