Sunday, March 22, 2020

10 Things You Should Never Search On Google And Why You Shouldn't Search It

Google as we all know is the biggest search engine in the world with over a Billion users daily.

Google is one of the greatest invention of man, solving over a million people's problem daily.

In most cases Google serves to be a great help in finding solution to a problem but do you know that it can also work against you?

On this post I'll be talking about 10 Things You Should Never Search on Google and why you shouldn't.

Counting down from number 10.

10. Never Search Your Full Name On Google.

Google keep your records via the cache in your browsers.

Have you ever wondered how Google serves you ads of what u need currently? This is because you might have searches on Google for it before so it knows you need that thing at that particular time.

So I'll advise you never search your name on Google because it's going to show external links to all your social media accounts where your personal details are.

And if your details is being saved you can easily get tracked.

This is the reason why vpn is always requires to keep your personal data safe.

9. Never Google Your Symptoms

Are you having any health problems? it's good if you can search on Google for remedies and how to cure it, but I will never advise you to search for the symptomsof the infection or disease.

Bloggers have a way of making their content attractive that they will scare the he'll out of you.

I remembered I once searched for the symptoms of common cold. i was expecting to see simple symptoms like cough but I remembered a blog who once added death as part if the symptoms.

This got me scared that o couldn't even hold my phone again. i had to rush to my doctor to save my life.

All I needed was just some pills to cure it, why is death included then.

So I made a research about these websites and blogs and i discovered that most of them weren't run by health professionals but just a man like you and i.

So I'll advise you visit your doctor for any health issues.

8 Never Google anything Criminal

On this I'm damn serious like i really mean it.

I'll advise you never and ever search anything Criminal on Google.

Things like How to make a Bomb, How to kill a man fast, how to shoot a gun or how to abort a pregnancy for a lady unaware should not be searched on Google.

As I've said earlier that Google keep your records via the cache in your browsers.

So during investigations after a Bomb has exploded on your area Google search result may expose you adding you to suspects among criminals.

Do you know that you can even get arrested in your home? This is done via using your ipaddress.

So I'll advise you don't search anything Criminal on Google.

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